Garage Concrete Floor paint

Now you can’t keep your car in the big garage beside your apartment. Dirty, unhealthy and old looking garage is quite unacceptable. Again, oily, damaged concrete floors without painting force anyone to keep the cars or vehicles outside of garage. That is why you need to have concrete floor paint in the garage. Painting requires less money and adequate attention while you put your steps sincerely for painting the concretes.

Garage concrete floor paint shows the elegant look of garage. This helps to increase the beauty, style and lifetime of concrete floor garages. Preparing you concrete garage floors for painting isn’t so tough. You need to have patience and Skillful during painting the floors. You will get result on how much time or sweat you spend. So, you should plan what you are doing with your concrete floors.

Garage Concrete Floor paint

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Preparing the garage for concrete floor paint:

First of all, you need to remove or reduce the grease, oil, scratches, and dust out of garage. You need to keep your floors dust free with dust remover or brooms. Remove any polyethylene, bags, any furniture like table or chair from the garage to paint the floors problem free.  Use vacuum for removing dusts and other nasty particles faster.

Then make sure to remove the oily signs on surface of your garage floors. Soapy dishwater or acid solution can help you to keep the petroleum related stains away. Now let the floors to be dried within few minutes. You can also use trisodium phosphate to remove the oils from the floors.

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Now knock at the hardware stores for buying the sealant, crack filler etc. Remember to fill up the crack found on the garage concrete floors. Use slim sticks or knife to let the sealant approach the cracks. This keeps the floors out of hidden moisture.  Repair any broken or damaged area of the garage. Rest sometime to dry the cracks.

Now it’s time to start concrete floor paint in the garage. Use primer with soft bristled brush to prime all the corners, ins and outs of garage concrete floors. Wait for 50-60 minutes to make the prime dried. You can start coating the floors now. Double part epoxy paint is vital in concrete floor paint. You need to mix two part epoxy according to the user manual or instructions. Epoxy paint is good enough to make your garage concrete floors newer and healthy. Choose the best concrete floor paint from the market comparing their ingredients, quality and services. Remove any tapes from the garage floors and start painting.

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Make a layer of beautiful colors and designs with the paints. Let the floors dry the first layer of paint. You second layer of painting in your old garage floors. Again wait for few minutes and get you garage concrete floor paint done. Double coating of concrete floor paint makes the floors existence.

Remember one thing; you should always give some time to paint the garage floors. Either you will have improper garage concrete floor paint.

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