How to Install Hardwood Floors in Different Steps

Installation indicates the combination of pre-plans and applying them in real condition. A person can complete the installation of anything to his house with proper planning. Many people face mistakes while they don’t know how to install hardwood floors perfectly. If you are one of them, you might fall in post-installation problems.

You should always try to install hardwoods with full concentration. You should be acknowledged to the problems before, during and after installing hardwood floors. You should also know full description of hardwoods and the importance, prices, warranties and other related matters to have perfect housing.

How to Install Hardwood Floors in Different Steps

Behind installation:

Hardwood floors are obviously attractive, elegant and fit for any housing or business. You can install hardwood floors in the drawing room, kitchen, bedroom etc. in your house. You can also install them in the meeting room, computer room etc. to run your official activities. Hardwood floors are of different patterns, styles and colors.

These are made from hard type woods. These are long lasting, fit any space or weather and increase the beauty of residence. Again, you can get enough sale value of your home if you know how to install hardwood floors. Real estate business is dependable on installation of hardwood floors.

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Required tools materials to install:

Installation depends on few factors and the tools are one of them. These are the tools you need when you install hardwoods:

  1. Hardwood floors
  2. Floor cleaner
  3. Broom with soft bristle
  4. Adhesive
  5. Mask tape
  6. Carpenter’s square
  7. Tape measure
  8. Chalk
  9. Nail set
  10. Saw

You should purchase the appropriate hardwoods to make the installation successful. Make a nice plan before you are starting how to install hardwood floors.

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Installation process:

  • Preparing:

Remodeling your homes is quite easier through hardwood floors installation. Clean the whole floors of your house or office. Remove any carpets and drag furniture on the floors to other place. You can use floor cleaner to clean any dirt or old adhesive sign faster. You can also use soft bristled broom to make sure the floors are dust free.

Do not try to think installing hardwoods on wet, dump floors. If you install, the hardwood floors will be damaged sooner. Because, water can damage the longevity of the floors. After cleaning the whole floors, you can start the “how to install hardwood floors” system.

  • Measurement:

How to install hardwood floors– can be done in simple steps after you clean the floors. Now you need to start the measurement of the floors. You can use tape measure to estimate the amount of hardwoods needed to install. Count the numbers of floors and measure the total floors area. Measurement is equally important as cleaning the floors. If you haven’t any idea about the measurement of floors, you will face financial and structural problems.

You may need to cut with saw the extra hardwoods or be in short of right amount of hardwood floors. You can use trims and moldings if there is any difficult angle of previous floors. So, you should measure the rooms’ width and length. You can ask the seller to give few more hardwoods if you need during installing hardwood floors.

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  • Start of installation:

Do not get tensed if you don’t know anything how to install hardwood floors after collecting the tools or preparing the floors. You need to remove the shoe-molding and chalk down the floors. Now snap chalk line out from the baseboard. This will protect the floors from any adverse weather. You can start installing hardwoods by choosing the long board as the first row. Align the straight hardwood board from the edge with the chalk line.

Drill the pilot holes down through the planks. Now you need to start nailing on the hardwoods. Face-nail the entire first row keeping the length of the board irregular. Face-nailing stops the inflated nails to go down in the hardwood floors. Now you have installed the baseboard of hardwood floors. Check the whole base floors if you have missed any part where you haven’t nailed. Start laying the other hardwood floors on the baseboard carefully.

Drill the pilot holes down to the tongue of hardwoods. You can use spacers between boards and walls allowing expansion. Cut the hardwoods properly during installing the hardwoods. Fill the gap each time you install the hardwood floors. You may see one centimeter or more width gap while installing the hardwoods randomly.

Keeping the gaps will hamper the whole work. So, you should be more careful about this. Fit the last piece of wood board on the floors. You can use adhesives to fill the small gaps if have already nailed the floors. Fill any holes with the wood putty. Take time to dry the adhesives and nail the floors consciously.

After completing all the above steps, you will have a complete “how to install hardwood floors” project.

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