The Black Tea and Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Installation and maintenance are two different words. If you install something to your home, you have to maintain the cleanliness of that thing. Hardwood floors are special parts of flooring which brings an elegant look to your home. Installation of hardwood floors is easier than maintaining the beauty and structural balance of hardwood particles. A homeowner needs to clean his apartment’s hardwood floors with the cycle of time. You may find lots of cleaning solutions available online. But have you ever heard anyone using black tea to clean the wood floors? Cleaning hardwood floors become stress free when you use the black tea.

The Black Tea and Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Now you are thinking about the black tea and how it works. Well, here you may see the steps of cleaning hardwood floors with this so called black tea. Tea is not only the daily used beverage. It contains lots of useful ingredients such as poly-phenolic compounds, tannins etc. which are important as cleaning hardwood floors. Polyphenolic compounds prohibit the growing of mycobacteria, fungus etc. on the hardwood floors. Tannins hold the beauty and shining of the floors and enhance the natural stains. In fact, black tea is perfect way cleaning hardwood floors without investing a much money.

First of all, you have to collect or buy black tea bags from the shops. These tea bags can be of any brand or type. If you want extra benefit such as the fragrance of teas like ginger, lemon etc. to make your floors odor-free after using the tea. Now boil four to six cups water in a kettle to start cleaning. Before you mix the boiled water with the black tea need to do more things. You need to keep your floors dust free. For this reason, you can use a soft bristled broom. Now drop the tea bags into the boiled water. Let the water and tea be mixed. Discard the tea bags after mixing.

Now you have the mixed tea solution. Pour the tea solution in a round bowl from the kettle. Allow several minutes to equal the temperature of the solution and the room of your home. Check after a few minutes as the solution is still hot or not. You should use rags or hardwood floor cleaning pad in the tea solution. The rags will soak the solution and make that ready for cleaning hardwood floors. You may use sponges instead of rags, but sponges are less effective than the rags.

Now you can put down the tea solution soaked rags or pads on the floors. Start moping carefully, specially the corners where the floors get mostly dirt. Do mopping for more than a single time. This will make your floors shining and stain free. Now rest for some minutes for drying the floors. Remember one thing using the direct solution or any liquid on the floors will damage your floors as the liquid goes under the hardwood floors. So use the solution rightly and mop the whole floors. Now you have the completely cleaned hardwood floors. Cleaning hardwood floors with black tea is a DIY task as you don’t need the help from the others. This is inexpensive, costs less time and attention, and amazingly effective.

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