Composting Toilet Info

Manufactured Remote type composting toilet system; large chamber may be fed by 1 or more seats Self-contained composting toilets complete the composting in a container within the receiving fixture.

Remote units transport the waste to a composting chamber below the toilet by gravity, but vacuum-flush systems can flush horizontally or upward, and there are commercial systems that use a small amount of water (“micro-flush”), usually 1 pint (.5 litre) per use. All share the characteristic of being continuous processors: waste material in the top, finished compost out at the bottom, with no interruption of the process and minimal exposure to unprocessed Continue reading “Composting Toilet Info”


Carbon Filter

Are you certainly that taking a shower ascertains your cleanliness and shelter against the germs and bacteria moving around in the air? Not actually? These days, shower filters are deriving celebrity to care the cleanliness & suitable consumable fluids to seal us given by several ills and conditions. As a means to make water system proper for taking a bath, shower bath filters are utilized to cut the spare chlorination diluted in the fluids. Continue reading “Carbon Filter”

5 Inexpensive Ways To Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Buy A New Shower Curtain

Shower curtains have a lot of real-estate in a bathroom, more so if it’s a small bathroom. So freshening up the bathroom with a new one can really go a long way with giving your bathroom a new look.

5 Inexpensive Ways To Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Use Tile Grout Colorant

Over Time grout can get stained and lose it former luster. Grout colorant is cheap, easy to apply and will do wonders to make your bathroom tile shine like new. Grout colorant is available at most builder supply stores like Home Depot or Lowes. You can also buy it on line.

Buy New Towels And Rags

Buy new, beautiful towels and rags and display them in your bathroom as an accent to support your main color. Choose two or more complementary colors of towels if you go with solids. For example, if your bathroom is blue, choose orange and blue towels.

Get A New Bathroom Faucet

A faucet is one of the key accents in a bathroom. Changing out a dingy old faucet with a beautiful new one is another great way to transform the boring old bathroom to a room you can’t help but look at every time you pass by. Faucets are relatively easy to change but can get into the expensive category although many nice look ones can be found for 40-80 dollars. I’ve seen a beautiful water fall faucet for as low as $99.

Change The Light Fixture

Swapping out an old light fixture can add elegance to a lacking bathroom and also provide more light to shine on your new towels and to make your bathroom shimmer. If you have the notion to you could even search for a one that matches you faucet.

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